Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Gable Tostee: Playboy murderer?

Gable Tostee, aka Eric Thomas

Named after Clark Gable, Gable Tostee has now moved away from his distinctive name, changing his name by deed poll to the more mundane Eric Thomas.

This is probably for the best, because the “sleazy”, “odd” and “creepy” Tostee doesn’t seem to possess the charm and grace of his old namesake.

Gable Tostee came to national attention when a woman he met via the dating app Tinder, Warriena “Rrie” Wright, died after plunging from his 14th story balcony.  Twenty six year old Rrie was on holiday in Australia from her native New Zealand when she died on August 7th 2014.  Tostee claims he was not on the balcony with her, however neighbours heard arguing, and then heard Rrie scream “No, no, no… Just let me go home”.  One witness described the fear in the scream as sickening.

Rrie Wright

Queensland police charged Tostee with murder the next day after he turned himself in.  Police have audio recordings which supposedly contain evidence of a drunken argument between the suspect and the victim.

Tostee has boasted online about more than 150 sexual encounters, including sex on his balcony.  He would go out four or five times a week, and often drink water while trying to pick up intoxicated girls.  Of course this does not make him guilty of murder. 
Other women Tostee contacted through Tinder reported he sent a message which read: Roses are Red, Violets are Blue.  I have a gun, get in my van.  While this may be in poor taste, this also does not make him a murderer.

Whilst on bail for the murder charge, Tostee has been jailed for 10 months for an unrelated drunken high speed cross-border police pursuit in his father’s car.  The chase occurred two weeks before the death of Rrie.

A recently posted picture of Tostee and an alpaca.  The alpaca could not be reached for comment.

Tostee has changed lawyers several times since August.  His next court appearance is scheduled for March 13th.

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