Saturday, August 7, 2010

What happened to Keisha?

Keisha Abrahams
Six year old Keisha Abrahams was reported missing from her Sydney home last Sunday morning, August 1st, after her mother discovered her missing from her bed and the front door slightly ajar.  There was no sign of forced entry.  There were reports of abduction flying around in the media.  Her mother and step father suggested she may have wandered out to play with the local stray cats, which she liked to do, and someone had taken her.  Keisha had last been seen the night before, by her mother Kristi Abrahams.  Or at least that is the story Kristi has told the police and media.
Robert Smith and Kristi Abrahams
In the course of the last week it has emerged that Keisha may not have been seen by anyone other than her mother or step father for as long as a month.  She had not been to school.  Keisha was also known to child protective services and other government agencies due to her troubled home life.  She was taken to hospital at about 18 months of age with a severe bite wound.  A human bite wound. An adult human bite wound.  Initially it was reported as confidential who the biter was, but a news service published the information on Thursday.  Keisha had been bitten by her mother.  And yet Kristi Abrahams is proclaiming "Stop judging me" to the media.
Kristi Abrahams has given birth to a son in the past couple of weeks.  It makes me wonder if maybe Keisha was going to be in the way for this new family, and needed to be removed. 
Keisha's step father Robert Smith has stated loudly in the media that the police believe he is a suspect and have said to him "just tell us where her body is".  Apparently we are meant to be outraged that the police asked him this.  Personally I am just outraged that a six year old girl has been allowed to disappear without a trace. 

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